Winner of the SMH/AHILA grant 2017

Winifred Nantambi and Olalekan Moses won the SMH/AHILA grant 2017 of 10.000 NOK each! AHILA is the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa.

Winifred Nantambi will use her grant on a course provided by ITOCA (Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa) and at an IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) meeting. At the IFLA meeting, Winifred Nantambi will present a paper on Public access to health information by the elderly and primary school children in Uganda.

Olalekan Moses will do a poster presentation and take part in a Workshop to become a Certified member of the Professional Medical Librarian of Nigeria (CMLN).

We will publish their reports on the SMH blog when they are due. Congratulations!



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