Søk stipend før fredag 12. jan til EAHIL konferansen i Cardiff i juli

Trenger du finansiell støtte til å reise til årets europeiske konferanse for medisinske bibliotekarer, tenk fort. Fristen er 12. januar for å søke EAHIL-stipend.

Nedenfor melding fra Marshall Dozier, EAHIL

Extension of call for applications to EAHIL-EBSCO scholarships for EAHIL 2018, Cardiff, Wales, 9-13 July 2018

Following on from the previous call for applications, the EAHIL Executive Board is extending the application Friday 12 January 2018 at midnight (CET).

The EAHIL Executive Board is pleased to announce the availability of EAHIL-EBSCO Scholarships to be awarded to worthy individuals to attend the EAHIL Conference in Cardiff, Wales, on 9-13 July 2018. (https://eahilcardiff2018.wordpress.com).  The scholarships, which are partly sponsored by the generous support of EBSCO, will each be 500 euros maximum.  The Board will welcome applications from all those who are eligible.

Before applying, please read carefully the conditions and criteria governing these awards and the application process. These are set out below in this email and at http://eahil.eu/get-involved/scholarships/

The NEW closing date for applications will be *Friday, 12 January 2018* at midnight Central European Time.


Full Details : call for applications for EAHIL-EBSCO scholarships 2018

The EAHIL Executive Board is pleased to announce the availability of EAHIL-EBSCO Scholarships to attend the EAHIL Conference in Cardiff, Wales, on 9-13 July 2018. (https://eahilcardiff2018.wordpress.com).  The scholarships, which are partly sponsored by the generous support of EBSCO, will each be 500 euros maximum.

The Board hopes to award a minimum of six scholarships, but reserves the right not to award the full number of scholarships if there are insufficient applications of the required standard.

The Board will welcome applications from all those who are eligible (see below for further details on eligibility), including those who are newly registered as members.

The Aims of the EAHIL-EBSCO Scholarship Programme are:

  • To support EAHIL members in the early stages of their careers by encouraging them to attend EAHIL meetings
  • To support EAHIL members who for economic or political reasons may have difficulty in attending
  • To maintain a high and relevant quality of presentations/CECs at conferences and workshops

With these Aims in mind the Board has agreed the following criteria for eligibility. Scholarship applicants are required to observe *all* of the conditions, and the Board will not consider any application that fails to comply with them.

  • Applicants must be professionally resident in one of the member states of the Council of Europe http://www.coe.int/en/web/portal/47-members-states
  • Applicants must already be registered on the EAHIL Membership Database as an individual Full Member of EAHIL at 1 December 2017.
  • Applicants must not previously have received a scholarship or registration award from EAHIL.
  • Scholarships are not awarded to members from the country hosting the conference (i.e. United Kingdom in 2018).
  • Applications must be made only on the official online application form. They must comply with all requirements regarding length of application. Supplementary material sent in addition to the application form will not be accepted.
  • Successful applicants will not be eligible for any concurrent fee waiver offered to specified participants at the conference.
  • Successful applicants will be required to provide a written report on their experience in attending the conference as scholarship winners, for publication in the Journal of EAHIL.

All applications will be considered in confidence. They will be judged on the merits of the case submitted by each applicant. In assessing each application the Board will be particularly keen to support those members who are still getting established in their professional careers, and will take into account a number of criteria, including:

  • The applicant’s number of years working in health information
  • Will this be the applicant’s first attendance at an EAHIL conference/workshop?
  • How does the applicant intend to contribute to EAHIL 2018?
  • How does the applicant expect to benefit from attending EAHIL 2018?

The Board will also give special weighting to applicants who work in one of the Council of Europe states included in the WHO’s HINARI Groups A and B http://www.who.int/hinari/eligibility/en/

The application form can be found on https://www.formdesk.com/eahil/EAHIL-EBSCO-scholarship2018 where your username as a registered visitor will be bubrl.

In case you cannot access the webform, there is a version in Word available from http://eahil.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/EAHIL-EBSCO-Scholarship-application-form-2018.docx. Applications using this Word form must be submitted by email to the EAHIL Board eahil-secr@list.ecompass.nl with the subject line «2018 EAHIL-EBSCO application form».

Applications must be submitted and received not later than the closing date.

The EAHIL Executive Board will notify successful applicants not later than 1 February 2018.

If you have any queries about the application process please address them to Marshall Dozier or the EAHIL Board at eahil-secr@list.ecompass.nl


All best wishes

Marshall Dozier

EAHIL Past President

Academic Support Librarian, Medicine
University of Edinburgh

Information Services
Argyle House
3 Lady Lawson Street
Edinburgh EH3 9DR

+44 (0) 131 650 3688

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