Redusert konferanseavgift til EAHIL før 20. april


Hvis ikke du allerede har meldt deg på EAHIL, har du noen dager igjen med redusert konferanseavgift (early bird). Sjekk også mange interessante viderutdanningskurs mandag og tirsdag før konferansen.

Juli er feriemåned for mange. Men hvorfor ikke kombinere konferanse med ferie? Se tips nedenfor 🙂

Fristen for påmelding til redusert konferanseavgift er 20. april!

European Association for Health Information & Libraries Conference
9th-13th July 2018  «
Inspiring – Involving – Informing»

Early Bird Registration closes 20th April!

Find the Programme at

Register to attend at

 We know delegates may combine attending the conference with taking a holiday.
Wales offers hills, mountains, castles, beautiful coastlines, as well as great shopping, eating and drinking, and wherever you go you will have a warm Welsh Welcome.

We are busy planning the tours and social programme in and around Cardiff
with all visits taking place on Thursday 12th July in the morning.
Full details and how to register will be on the website soon.


Book now to enjoy the Early Bird offer!

Please do let the Local Organising Committee know if you have any comments, suggestions or queries about the registration process, the conference programme or visiting Cardiff.
We want to continue to Involve, Inspire and Inform and look forward to welcoming you to Wales.


Twitter: @EAHIL_2018

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